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The foundation aims to form partnerships with the local business community and the schools to help improve the level of education local children are receiving despite budget constraints and reductions in state and federal education funds. The first round of grant awards was presented at the March School Board meeting by the Foundation President Peggy Parker.  Read about us in the Rochester School District March Newsletter.

The 2011-2012 5 grant recipients are:

Lori Gilbert on behalf of the Nancy Loud School, the Rochester Learning Academy, and the HOPE program. The project that the grant will support occupational therapy services in these schools and will enable the staff and students to learn basic concepts and techniques for using specific exercises to improve visual tracking, focus and attention, full body coordination and organizational skills. Grant award amount $300.

Tim Shuffleton, RMS Spanish Teacher. The award will fund the purchase of eight portable translators to help enhance the curriculum of the Spanish classes and help integrate technology into the classroom for today's 21st century learners. Grant award amount $250.

Jaca Hussey
, from McClelland School. The grant will support a project that focuses on dealing with the issue of bullying by teaching students through reading, strategies to protect themselves whether the perpetrator, victim, or bystander, will be able to see what they can do to stop bullying. . The grant add a collection of books to the school library. Grant award amount $200.

Kelly McMullen and Patricia Crowe from William Allen School, and will help offset expenses involved in creating professionally-bound books from writings and multimedia artwork created by students. The project is ongoing at the school and will continue throughout the year, ending with an event to let staff, parents and the community view the books and fill out "reviews" of them. Grant award amount $185.

Lisa Venezia
, RMS Math Teacher to help support an idea for a program that would use a LEGOS workstation in her classroom to allow students to explore math concepts through the creation of projects.Teaching students skills such as basic division, using scale factor to replicate buildings around town, probability and statistics, functions and algebra equations, geometry concepts and more. Grant award amount $170.

High School Scholarship

2011-2012 High School Scholarship:  Congrats to SHS graduate, Annmarie Hall, for receiving RSDF first $200.00 Scholarship!  We wish her all the best!
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