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Since the 1980's local education foundations have been formed in school districts throughout the country.
Today there are literally thousands of foundations providing over a billion dollars worth of support to public school districts annually. These foundations range in size from multi-million dollar organizations to small grass roots organizations. They all share the common goal of improving our nation's educational system through the generosity of private donors.

In 2010, a group of dedicated parents, educators and administrators realized the need for teacher and student support within the Rochester Public Schools. They came together to form a local education foundation known as the Rochester School District Foundation. RSDF is comprised of a board including parent volunteers, school board members, administrators and business leaders who are committed to providing the best academic experience for every student in the district.

The Foundation's short-term goals are to provide grants to our district's educators that will enhance the quality of education throughout the school system. Many programs that are already supported at a basic level can be substantially improved with the help of additional private financing. New programs that might not receive local or state aid will have an opportunity to be implemented.

The Foundation's long-term goals are to continue to grow in both scope and involvement, while remaining
focused on the true mission of the founding members. To bridge the gap between needs and funding is the
primary goal of the organization, and will carry us forward in our goal of providing the best academic
opportunities for all students of the Rochester Public Schools.
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